Biosecurity matters.

To ensure your farm has the upper hand in an unlikely trespassing event, you will need to update your Biosecurity Management Plan, formerly known as a Biosecurity Plan.

 How to Update your farm Biosecurity Management Plan

Your plan must now state that it is a ‘Biosecurity Management Plan’. Download an updated Biosecurity Management Plan here. If you are happy with your current plan, please replace the old coversheet with the new revised pages found here.

Your plan must clearly be titled ‘Biosecurity Management Plan’ and state ‘this is a Biosecurity management plan in accordance with Section 41B (1) and (2) of the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016’. It must include the statement ‘This biosecurity management plan states the measures to prevent, control or stop the spread of biosecurity matter into, at, or from the management areas as defined in your biosecurity management plan, pursuant to the Queensland Biosecurity Regulation 2016’.

Remember to attach a farm map to your plan, including any access points to your farm.

Your plan must include all the potential biosecurity risks to your property posed by the entry of people, and the measures a person must comply with when entering and leaving your property. Your plan must be clear with no ambiguity.  A copy of your plan be available for inspection, on request. It is recommended that you ask any person entering your farm to confirm they have read and understood your plan, and to sign in and out of your farm, using the visitor record sheet here.

Signage should be clearly displayed at all entry points on your farm, it is also recommended that you keep these entry points locked. The signs must state that a biosecurity management plan applies to the place and that it is an offence for a person entering, present at, or leaving the management area to fail to comply with the measures stated in the plan unless the person has a reasonable excuse.

Download the updated biosecurity sign template here.

QDO will be distributing free metal gate signs to all members through our WHS Workshops. Give us a call to register you interest for new biosecurity signs.