WHS - Why it matters to you.

Previous Audits Conducted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland reported that 43% of dairy farms do not have a written WHS policy, and of those only 15% had a verbal WHS policy.

Audits of dairy farms in Queensland started last year and are continuing to take place. Some of these audits have resulted in; letters to comply and/or fines.

A task force of auditors was formed because there has been a rise in serious injury claims in the last five years. QDO has met with a representative from Workplace Health and Safety to discuss the auditing process and what areas they will be focusing on whilst conducting audits.

Whilst there are many different aspects of a WHS Audit, there are a few key areas where auditors are under no discretion and they will give on the spot fines. In order to get members up to scratch on the latest safety standards, legislation and compliance, QDO will be running workshops in conjunction with IPAM (Injury Prevention and Management) and WHSQ (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland). These workshops will be run throughout September/October.

Workshop registration

To register your interest in a workshop near you please provide your details below or call Claudia on 3236 2955 or 0400 886 794. 

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Workshop Dates

24th  September
25th September
26th September
27th September
9th October
10th October
7th November
12th November
13th November
19th November

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WHS Checklists

Click on the heading for each checklist or download the full set of Safety Scans HERE or Self Assessments HERE.