Central Burnett: Tuesday 23 July 2019.

In attendance:  Brian Tessmann, Evan Carpenter, Aaron Clews and Col Farrer.

Key areas that were discussed:

  • Successful extra 10 cents on private label/generic milk campaign and where the battle goes from here

  • Improving the value of the whole dairy cabinet campaign development

  • Domestic and International dairy market issues around the drought and the cost and availability of feed.

  • Dairy Plan meetings and the process going forward including the upcoming large gathering at Marvel Stadium.

    Biosecurity issues and issues around excluding or eradicating or controlling problems such as BJD or Cattle ticks.

Two issues were highlighted as priorities that need to be addressed.

Firstly, that dairy processors needed more ability to communicate between each other on price issues when dealing with supermarkets even if we need to change the act.

Secondly, the meeting felt that following the successful work in getting almost all QDO members tested for JD, that the 3 step calf plan procedures outlined in processor handbooks was unnecessary as well as impractical for many. It was agreed that the alternative should be that farmer simply produces their JD test results for the dairy auditor.

The Burnett Central District Council is keen for additional members to join the Council and will look for observers to the next meeting.