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SDP SEQ Low Stress Calving/Transition Cow Management Farm Walk

Overall, a fully integrated transition diet can provide relative net benefits of up to $200 plus per cow per year. The Low Stress Calving session is a 2 hour, on-farm, group discussion delivered by a Dairy Australia Repro Right accredited veterinarian, Dr Justin Schooth.

WHEN: November 1 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE: Ross & Steve Blanchs farm, Blanch's Rd, Lower Mt Walker, Rosewood, Qld

The session focuses on how transition cow feed management can:

  • Adapt fresh cows rumens to high energy feeds
  • Avoid milk fever and other health problems around calving related to hypocalcaemia
  • Maintaining high feed intakes post calving and control body condition loss in early lactation

Implementing an integrated approach to transition nutrition and fresh cow management results in:

  • Higher in-calf rates
  • Better use of labour
  • ¬∑Lower culling and death rates
  • More milk (up to 300+litres / cow)

RSVP: Belinda Haddow on 0423 00 3638 or