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Subtropical Dairy healthy hooves workshop – Gatton

WHEN: Monday, December 18 @ 9.30am for a 10am start
WHERE: University of Qld, Gatton Dairy, GATTON Qld 4343
RSVP: Friday, 15th Dec to Belinda Haddow, 0423 00 3638 or  

Andres Ardila Avila, from the UQ Gatton Vet School will facilitate a hands-on workshop focusing on 'healthy hooves' in our dairy herds.

Why bother with 'healthy hooves'?

  • Lame cows take time, energy and skill to treat properly.
  • Lame cows represent a financial cost to your farm business and, therefore, impact on profitability.
  •  Lame cows produce less milk, lose weight, and take longer to cycle.
  • Reducing the number of lame cows in your herd requires a long-term, planned approach that is supported by the whole farm team.

Andres has planned a day around discussing the concept of 'healthy hooves' on our dairy farms in the morning session, followed by a hands-on practical session to make sure participants have some confidence around applying the concepts learnt and practicing the skills and techniques used on farm.

Andres will also demonstrate the use of the brand new crush purchased at the College for hoof maintenance and trimming work.