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Would your farm business pass a Fair Work inspection or audit today?

In the 2015-16 QDAS results, feed costs accounted for 54% of farm operating costs in Queensland.  Feeding diets to maximise profits is a critical component of farm management.

Ross Warren, Senior Extension Officer, DAF and Dr Susanne Roth, Account Manager Dairy, Alltech Australia will facilitate a one-day workshop focusing on the basics of dairy cow nutrition. The workshop will include both theory and practical sessions and cover the fundamentals of feeding a dairy herd;

  • What is a rumen and how does it function? 
  • Feeding rumen bugs and feeding the cow.
  • Understanding what different nutrients are found in feeds.
  • Ration fundamentals
  • Dung analysis and what it tells you about the cows diet
  • Cow Signals

This workshop is a great introduction to dairy cow nutrition science and practices.  It is also a great refresher for honing your nutrition skills.

Please bring along samples of current feeds or the dairy ration and manure samples too.

DATE: Thurs, 16 March, 2017
WHERE: Boonah Golf Club, Bruckner Hill Rd, Boonah QLD 4310
RSVP: Belinda Haddow or phone 0423 003 638