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Subtropical Dairy invites dairy farmers to lunch - Miriamvale

On June 7, Kylie Dennis (Subtropical Dairy) and Charlie Ernst (Parmalat) will be travelling to Miriamvale to host a special lunch.

The main purpose of this event will be to demonstrate how to participate in online activities and access various resources.  The distance between dairy farms in Central Queensland makes it challenging to deliver workshops on occasions. To overcome this, Subtropical Dairy Programme has split the region into smaller regional Pods that consist of farms and individuals in close proximity to each other. This enables farmers in these Pods to meet at a central location, either at someone’s home or at a venue, and participate in live webinars (or alternatively, watch it in the comfort of your own home).

A meal will be provided at all venues and there is no cost for dairy farmers and their families.

If you are able to make it to this event, please RSVP to Kylie Dennis, Subtropical Dairy Extension Co-ordinator by Monday 5th June (preferably) to Kylie Dennis on 0456 191 965 or

$0 for dairy farming families
A cash bar will operate on the night.

Wednesday 7th June 2017
Miriam Vale Hotel
9 Blomfield St, Miriam Vale
Time: 12pm

This event is supported by funding received from the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Service and Indigenous Affairs.