Dairy farming is a business which needs to make a profit in order for our farmers to innovate, evolve and prosper. Facing tough challenges driven by market forces, Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation is leading our dairy industry and developing new opportunities that create more profits for our farmers and mitigates risks for the dairy industry.

We support our members so they can have a true business focus whilst retaining and improving our ethical integrity towards our animals and our workers so that the dairy industry can continue in Queensland.


QDO membership is open to all registered dairy farmers in Queensland. We are focused on driving profitability for our members by influencing the supply chain, driving consumer focused awareness and mitigating risks that evolve due to environmental, health and safety, bio-security, management issues. 

The cream of Australia.

How can you support Queensland dairy farmers? We have just launched a new campaign recognising the hard work and devotion our farmers have to their animals. The brands that support our farmers and pay reasonably for fresh milk can be found here.

The Weekly Update

QDO's Weekly Update covers all the current affairs affecting dairying in Queensland. The 'Weekly Update's is a members only service provided to the QDO membership.