I Buy Branded Milk, I Support Queensland Dairy Farmers

Got questions about how to support Queensland dairy farmers? Well, we have answers. 

What is branded milk?

  • Milk sold under a processor brand e.g. Dairy Farmers, Norco, Pauls and not a major retailer e.g. Coles, Woolworths. Branded milk ensures reasonable farm gate prices paid to local dairy farmers

How does buying branded milk support Queensland dairy farmers?

  • Buying fresh branded milk gives a fair price back to Queensland dairy farmers. The extra dollars you spend on branded milk is invested into the quality improvements of milk products.

What impact has the $1 per litre milk price had on the Queensland dairy industry?

  • Since the start of $1 per litre milk in 2011 more than $200 million dollars a year has been stripped from our dairy supply chain and the already small margins for dairy farmers were slashed.
  • All major retailers have used their size to drive down the value of milk forcing 170 Queensland dairy farmers to leave the industry and 580 farm jobs to be lost.
  • Queensland milk production of 405 million litres is now 180 million litres below Queensland demand. When $1 per litre milk started Queensland milk production met demand.

Has the recent ‘buy branded milk’ campaign actually made a difference?

  • Yes. The major and minor processors have all maintained or increased their prices paid to local dairy farmers. This is in stark contrast to the large farm gate price cuts in southern States.
  • Milk processors have specifically cited the rise in branded milk sales in Queensland as a factor influencing their ability to uphold the farm gate price paid to farmers.   

Which brands should I buy if I want to ‘buy branded’ and support Queensland dairy farmers?

  • All these independent brands support Queensland dairy farmers: Pauls, Dairy farmers, Norco, Maleny Dairies, Mungalli, Scenic Rim 4Real Milk, Cooloola Milk, Barambah Organics, a2 Milk

Please don’t buy any store branded milk

  • Store brands do not give a fair price back to Queensland dairy farmers
  • Some stores have used their size to force down the price of milk below commercial prices
  • Major retailers maximise shelf space and advertising for their store branded milk, limiting product choice for consumers. 

With your support we will continue our campaign to break the $1 per litre milk price glass ceiling by working with processors, the government and the major retailers to get a fairer deal for our farmers.