Dairy farmers urged to have their say at ACCC Toowoomba forum

Queensland dairy farmers are being urged to attend the upcoming Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Dairy Inquiry public forum being held in Toowoomba, 6 February 2017.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims and Agricultural Commissioner Mick Keogh will be attending the Toowoomba meeting to hear directly from farmers. The meeting will be the first of 8 public consultations being held in dairy regions throughout the country. 

Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) President Brian Tessmann said it was essential that farmers who wanted to see change to the current market power imbalance in the Queensland attend and have their say in the ACCC Dairy Inquiry.

“Agriculture Commissioner Mick Keogh has promised that this dairy inquiry would ‘have teeth’ and deliver upon industry and community expectations. Queensland dairy farmers intend on making sure the ACCC has the information they need deliver upon this promise.”

“The Queensland dairy industry has experienced firsthand the effects of market manipulation power imbalances since the introduction of $1L milk in 2011.”

“Because the Queensland dairy industry is entirely a fresh milk market, we have borne the brunt of the major retailers deciding to sell our product a cost lower than production.”

“The effect of $1L milk has impacted the entire dairy supply chain with over 180 farmers leaving the industry since 2011.

“The status quo cannot be allowed to continue. The only what we can change it is by getting out and having our voice heard.”

“It’s clear that $1L milk is unsustainable if we want to continue to have milk produced locally here in Queensland. The last time milk was priced at $1L was in 1992 and since then Queensland farm gate prices have only gone up 20%.”

“QDO members and state councilors will be at the meeting in Toowoomba prosecuting the case for change and we encourage all dairy farmers to join us.”

“QDO will continue its campaign to improve market power between processors, retailers and farmers and restore market fairness to the Queensland dairy industry.”

The ACCC Dairy Inquiry forum will be held on 11.30am 6 February 2017, Toowoomba City Golf Club, 254 South St, Toowoomba.