Fair Milk Price Logo will empower Queensland consumers

Queensland milk consumers are set to receive the transparency and clarity they have been calling out for if the ‘Fair Milk Price logo’ laws pass parliament.

The Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) has today publically reiterated its support a voluntary ‘Fair Milk Price Logo’ that will help inform consumers at the checkout on which Queensland milk products directly support the state’s dairy farmers.

QDO make this position known when it presented at the Queensland Agriculture and Environment Committee’s hearing into the Sustainable Queensland Dairy Production (Fair Milk Price logo) Bill 2016 at Parliament House.

The hearing heard from local government, QDO, the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

QDO President Brian Tessmann said that the ‘Fair Milk Price Logo’ will go a long way in helping consumers distinguish between Queensland milk was produced at an ‘ethical’ and ‘fair’ price.

“People are continually asking what milk they should buy to support our local dairy farmers; while QDO encourages them to ‘buy branded milk’, many want a clearer indicator right there on the bottle.”

“The recent ‘I Buy Branded Milk’ campaign run by QDO was a success and shows consumers are willing to support Queensland dairy farmers and this Bill supports this public change.”

“At today’s hearing, the ACCC clarified its principled support for efforts that increase consumer’s access to information that provides transparency when making purchasing decisions. The Fair Milk Price Logo does exactly that.”

“I’m calling on consumers, farmers and supporters of Queensland’s dairy industry to contact your local Member of Parliament and let them know how important this issue is to you and the state.”

“If Queenslanders want to continue to enjoy local milk it is essential that we create a way that allows consumers to throw their market power behind sustaining the state’s farmers.”

Since $1milk in 2011 more than $200 million dollars a year has been stripped out of our dairy supply chain resulting in more than 180 dairy farmers have left the Queensland industry.

Major retailers undervaluing milk we have seen many Queensland dairy farmers leave in the industry as it no longer become profitable.

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