QDO membership

QDO membership is open to all registered dairy farmers in Queensland. Additional membership categories also cater for organisations or individuals who are associated with the industry in a non-producing role and others who are interested in the industry and wish to be kept informed.

Licensed Dairy Producer:

A person, corporation, trust, estate, partnership or other legal entity which carries on the business of producing dairy produce. Fee: A base annual fee of $300.00 incl GST plus $0.009 per litre (incl GST) of annual production, (up to a maximum of $3080.00 inc. of GST) payable as a full payment on commencement of membership or by monthly deduction by your processor (subject to availability). To join, fill in the form below and send to ea@qdo.org.au

General Associate:

Is a person, other than a producer or ownership associate who applies and is admitted by the State Council Executive. Fee: $165.00 per annum inclusive of GST. To join, fill in the form below and send to ea@qdo.org.au

Industry Associate:

Is a person, partnership or corporation which is not a producer, but can demonstrate an association with the dairy industry. This membership includes fodder producers. For further information, please contact our office.

Corporate Associate:

Is a corporate entity which is not a producer but is associated with the dairy industry by way of supply of goods or services to the industry or by way of some other appropriate commercial relationship with the industry. For further information, please contact our office.


Payment of fees

Producer Members

  • Monthly Deduction: Where fees are calculated and deducted on a monthly basis by their Processor, providing the processor is participating in the deduction program, the processors currently participating are: Parmalat, Norco and National Foods.There is no penalty for providing monthly deductions, the amount you will pay would be the same as if a lump sum was paid based, on the same production figures. To elect this option you would need to complete a Deduction Authorisation Form and return with the application form. 
  • Lump sum payment in full for the amount of membership fee calculated, based on the annual production figures. Payments may be made by cheque or by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). To pay by this method you would need to use the attached “Form B” to calculate the amount of the membership fee and either attach a cheque for the amount or nominate the Credit Card details and return with your application form

Associate Membership

  • Applications, a cheque or credit card (Mastercard or Visa) for the amount of the applicable fee should accompany the application form.