QDO say Thank You and Goodbye to Adrian Pratt & Kylie Dennis

Left to right: Adrian Pratt & Kylie Dennis

Left to right: Adrian Pratt & Kylie Dennis

QDO Vice President Ross McInnes thanked both Kylie and Adrian for their long term commitment and service to QDO as employees.

“I thank both Kylie and Adrian for their over 10 years of service to QDO and their passion for our organisation and its dairy farmer members.”

“Neither Kylie or Adrian treated their roles at QDO as a job, but rather a cause to work for.”

“I wish them all the very best on their future endeavours and know they will be sorely missed by the QDO team and membership.”

Letter from QDO member:

Dear QDO members,

After well over a decade of dedicated farmer service, there has been a ‘changing of the guard’ within the head office staff team. The small but indomitable team of three including Adrian Peake, Adrian Pratt and Kylie Dennis have left an indelible mark and a strong legacy within the organisation.

In our positions as both farmer members and work colleagues of the head office team, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the team for their unwavering commitment to the Queensland dairy industry.  Working alongside the team has given us perhaps a closer insight than most members to their absolute dedication to servicing the State’s dairy farmers, extending way beyond their job descriptions.  Through natural disasters, market upheaval and government policy impacts, this small team, under the guidance of State Council, tried their upmost to assist and support dairy farmers in navigating the plethora of challenges presented over the years.  Often they were successful, sometimes frustratingly not, but always with total dedication to achieve what they could to get better outcomes for dairy farmers.

We are sure that we speak for many members in wishing Adrian, Adrian and Kylie a wonderful post-QDO life. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and friendship.  We now look forward to a new team, led by recently appointed Executive Officer, Eric Danzi, to take on the challenges and rewards of our wonderful industry.

Yours sincerely,

Ruth Chalk and Raelene Rosevear