Update from Eric - Proposed QDO restructure

Update from Eric Danzi, QDO Executive Officer


QDO has held 8 member meetings in the past month and we have 2 more to go in Gatton and Gympie next week. I thank the members who attended and I say a special thankyou to Pat and Rose Perry who drove for 2 ½ hours each way to attend the Wondai meeting. Next time we will have a meeting closer for you.

At these member meetings we have discussed both biosecurity and the proposed QDO restructure. In a previous QDO weekly update I gave a brief run down on the proposed QDO restructure. However I thought it worthwhile to do so again to give the opportunity for those members who did not attend the QDO meetings to be informed about what we are proposing and have their say.

Why is QDO looking at restructuring?

The industry and QDO has changed substantially in the past few decades with QDO structure remaining largely unchanged during this time.

For example, QDO moved to having 8 state councillors in 1976 when there were 5,265 members. Today we have 267 members but we still have 8 state councillors. The time is certainly due for a review of the organisation at all levels to ensure that we are relevant for the current dairy industry and offer value to our members.

The QDO state council and I have embarked on an intensive program of reviewing QDO starting the day after the AGM in Toogoolawah in August. We have had 4 council meetings during this time where we have slowly reviewed QDO and developed a recommended new structure to present to members and gain their feedback.

In summary, the key aspects of the new structure are:

1.      Move from 8 to 5 state councillors based on the following 5 QDO districts:

  • North
  • Central/Burnett
  • Wide Bay/Moreton
  • Darling Downs
  • Scenic rim/Lockyer Valley


2.      There will be 9 QDO zones with 2 in each district but only 1 for north

  • 4 districts will have 2 zones while one (north) will have only 1 zone.
  • We will have 2 zone councillors per district
  • We will have 2 meetings per year per zone

3.      Reducing the number of executive members from 3 to 2

  • There will be a president and vice president only
  • We will no longer have executive meetings

QDO is your organisation and you need to have a say on its future to ensure that it serves your needs as a member. If you have any feedback on the new proposed structure please contact me or any of the QDO state councillors by the 29 November.

The QDO council plans to meet on the 30 November to consider any feedback and revise the structure if this is required. We will then seek to start implementing the new structure in early 2017. We will be drafting required constitutional changes during the first half of 2017 ready for the August 2017 AGM.

If QDO members support the required constitutional changes we will start the election process in August 2017. This will be finalised by December 2017 and the new 5 person council will start in January 2018.

I look forward to hearing your feedback by 29 November.