QDO Restructure Finalised

By Eric Danzi, QDO Executive Officer

Eric Danzi, QDO Executive Officer

Eric Danzi, QDO Executive Officer

QDO has completed its series of 10 membership meetings during October and November which presented and discussed the proposal to restructure QDO. All QDO members too have received a letter outlining the proposed changes inviting feedback and submissions on the process.  

In principle, all members who provided feedback have been very supportive of the need for change and of the proposed re-structure of QDO. Although overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal, there were suggestions that included bringing forward elections by 12 months not 6, appointing an independent director and having the president elected directly by the members, not the council.

QDO State Council considered the feedback received by members at the 14 December council meeting in Brisbane. It has decided to implement the proposal in its original form as was presented to members.

In summary, the key aspects of the new structure are:

1.      Move from 8 to 5 state councillors based on 5 QDO districts which are

  • North
  • Central/Burnett
  • Wide Bay/Moreton
  • Darling Downs
  • Scenic Rim/Lockyer Valley

2.      9 zones with 2 in each district but only 1 for north

  • There will be 10 QDO zone councillors with one from each zone but an additional zone representative for the North
  • The QDO zones will be the basis for having meetings with members with 2 meetings with QDO members in each zone per year

3.      Reducing the number of executive members from 3 to 2

  • There will be a president and vice president only
  • We will no longer have executive meetings

We will begin implementing the new QDO structure in February 2017 at the time when the State Council will elect a President and Vice President only. We will prepare constitutional changes required for the new structure in mid-2017 which will be presented to QDO members at the AGM in August 2017. We will then start the election process for the new term of the state council in August 2017 and the new 5 person council will start on 1 January 2018.

I thank all QDO members for their feedback and support and I look forward to continuing to unsure that QDO is well positioned to deliver outcomes for our members.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.