QDO report from North Queensland

Milla Milla dairy farmer James Geraghty

Milla Milla dairy farmer James Geraghty

James Geraghty - QDO State Councillor for North Queensland

Tablelands dairy farmers have enjoyed a terrific year. With the exception of the past six weeks the weather and rainfall have been steady leading to generally consistent milk production. The hit and miss storms from the last few weeks have not delivered for all farmers.

Production on the Tablelands continues to be on average higher that on other southern and central Queensland dairy regions. The average production for a Tablelands dairy operation is 1,000,000 L per year compared to an average of 900,000 for Queensland.

Northern dairy farmers are exposed to the unique challenge of wanting to expand production, however the local processor does have a market to cater to the increased production. Due to the costs associated with transporting milk from the Tablelands to other dairy markets the productive dairy region continues to be underutilised.

Overall the atmosphere up here is positive with there being an overall optimistic outlook on the future of dairy in the region. 

James Geraghty is a dairy farmer from Millaa Millaa in Far North Queensland and is your QDO State Councillor for the northern region. Together with his wife Sari and son Shaun and partner Kate the Gerahty‚Äôs operate 1300 acres farm milking 250 Friesian and Brown Swiss cows all year round producing on average 1.6 million litres per year.  James was born and raised on a family dairy/beef operation and started dairying at his current location in 1981.  As a third generation Tablelands dairy farmer, James understands the industry and is passionate about its future prospects and its integral and important contribution to the local community.