Dairy farmers to rally at Parliament House for better deal

Queensland dairy farmers and their supporters will rally outside Queensland parliament house tomorrow to call on retailers to put an end to the $1milk price war and to set a sustainable price for fresh milk that provides a sustainable return to dairy farming families right across the nation.

The rally has been organised by grassroots dairy farmers and Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) will be attending to support the event in principle.

QDO President Brian Tessmann stated that the event had been organised in conjunction with other rallies being held at parliament houses throughout the country and was generated through a call for action through social media.

“QDO and its members have been frustrated about the poor treatment they have been receiving from the major retailers since the start of the $1milk price war in 2011.”

“There has been an overwhelming level of community support and interest since the industry’s woes were again made public for all to see in the last month.”

“QDO has been encouraging consumers to buy branded milk since 2011 so it is heartening to see that the message is again circulating and getting traction with consumers.”

“Since Coles started $1milk in 2011 more than $200 million dollars a year has been stripped out of our dairy supply chain and the already small margins for dairy farmers were slashed. With all major retailers undervaluing milk we have seen many Queensland dairy farmers leave in the industry as it no longer become profitable for them to continue.”

“Since 2011 more than 170 dairy farmers have left the Queensland industry when we have been short of fresh milk and should not have lost any. This equates to a loss of some 170 million litres of milk production per annum and some $550 million in milk production investment and more than 580 on farm jobs. Queensland will import some 180 million litre this year from interstate to meet the needs of Queensland consumers. This should not be happening.”

Consumers need to value local high quality fresh milk as if they don’t it will not be there in the future and consumers will be left with inferior options and paying more for it.

“The best way for Queenslanders to support local Queensland dairy farmers is to buy branded milk and dairy products as it adds value to the product and ensures our farmers are paid the fair price at the farm gate they deserve.”

“So just don’t buy cheap milk sold by the major supermarkets for $1 per litre.”

QDO in principle supports any campaign that delivers a better outcome for our dairy farmers in the regions as it is good for the industry and the communities they are a part of.