Celebrate World Milk Day

World Milk Day_June 1_Legendairy Social Media Tile.jpg

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation declared 1 June as World Milk Day in 2001, and we’re using the occasion to celebrate the Queensland farmers who work hard to produce delicious, nutritious milk.

For Queensland dairy farmers, producing and delivering premium milk is a matter of pride. This is why Queensland dairy has a reputation for consistently high quality and safe products worldwide.

Our dairy farmers work hard 7 days a week, 365 days a year to create fresh, great tasting and wholesome fresh milk that Aussies consumed every day.

Each daily on-farm activity involved in producing the milk, whether ensuring the cows are healthy or efficiently cleaning milking equipment, contributes to the quality assurance of dairy products. From the twice daily health herd checks during milking to stringent testing for milk headed for the processor, safety is ingrained in what we do.

Dairy farmers work rain, hail or shine to produce our milk and want to be known for being prosperous, trusted and world renowned for the nutrition of our dairy products. Like any Australian, dairy farmers hope to see the effort put into our work reflected in our returns.

This World Milk Day, we ask that everyone remember that milk is made from hard yakka, pure passion and a commitment to sustainable practices.

The best way for Queenslanders to support local Queensland dairy farmers is to buy branded milk and dairy products as it adds value to the product and ensures our farmers are paid a fair price.