QDO thank processors and consumers for backing dairy farmers

The announcement by milk processors Norco and Lion (Dairy Farmers brand) not to lower their farmgate price paid to farmers in Queensland despite price reductions by other processors in southern states is a vote of confidence in the Queensland dairy industry and has been welcomed by the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO).

Parmalat’s (Pauls brand) current price is set in place until December, and their suppliers will receive notification in the coming months for milk payments from January 2017.

QDO Vice President Ross Mc Innes welcomed the announcement by thanking Lion, Norco, and consumers who had overwhelmingly supported dairy farmers by buying branded milk.

 “The campaign encouraging consumers to boycott the $1/L milk and buy branded milk has so far been overwhelmingly successful, but it is by no means over.”

“Dairy farmers in Queensland have been heartened that the public has rallied around local milk producers by doing what they can do best, choosing with their wallets.”

“It is important that the community are aware that their choices at the checkout are making a difference and the announcement by Norco and Lion is proof of that.”

“We encourage everyone to keep buying branded to support farmers from every producer as this the best way to ensure our farmers get a fair price for their product.”

“Given the recent uncertainty and turbulence in the national dairy industry, QDO thank all processors for their continued support of Queensland dairy farmers.”

“Norco and Lion’s decision not to reduce farmgate prices in Queensland is a vote of long term confidence in the local industry and shows their ongoing commitment to dairy in this state.”

“On behalf of all Queensland dairy farmers, QDO says ‘thank you’.”

“QDO will continue its campaign to break the $1/L milk price glass ceiling by working with the government and the major retailers to get a fairer deal for our farmers.”