Branded milk campaign comes to the Ekka

By Brian Tessmann, QDO President

The dairy industry led by the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) will be well represented at this year’s RNA Brisbane Show. Dairy farmers and QDO staff will be in spreading the word as to why and how buying processor branded milk helps support Queensland’s dairy farmers. It will also be a great opportunity to thank all those already buying branded milk by showing them that their extra couple of dollars at the checkout every week is going a long way in supporting farmers. 

The response to our support dairy farmers and support branded milk campaigns continues to gain momentum through word of mouth and through social media. 

The ongoing problems in the southern milk industry particularly the beleaguered Victorian based processor Murray Goldburn (MG) also keep the media spotlight on the industry. MG has been a significant exporter of dairy products and was also a considerable supplier of the $1 per litre store home brand milk. Since the collapse in the international dairy price MG has suffered, with the rest now being history. 

It’s time the national dairy industry recognise that while it is important to enhance export markets, it must not devalue the domestic dairy market that accounts for almost 65% of national milk production.

QDO was encouraged by the great response at the Rockhampton Show and I commend the Clews family for their great effort in spreading the positive news about our industry. QDO is looking forward to a similar level of community engagement at the Brisbane Ekka. The “I buy branded milk” fridge magnets are now available for the public to show their support for the industry. 

We want our industry supporters and consumers to have a way of showing their pride in supporting our farmers. It is essential that we continue to educate consumers as to the benefits of buying branded and the damaging effects $1 per litre milk is having. I encourage all dairy farmers attending the show to contact the QDO office and get involved in the campaign to support the industry.