Dairy News - QDO Weekly Update 9-9-16

77% Victorian colostrum failures

Less than a quarter of colostrum samples taken from northern Victorian dairy farms met all quality standards, according to new research.

Only 23% of the 240 samples taken around the Rochester area met industry recommendations for total plate and coliform counts as wel as Brix quality standards.  “These findings demonstrate that a large number of calves were at risk of receiving colostrum of poor quality, with high bacterial loads that may have interfered with the acquisition of transfer of passive immunity and affected calf health,” the Victorian researchers have reported. They recommended farmers refrigerate excess colostrum within an hour of collection and thorough disinfection of the calf feeding apparatus before use. 

New plant seeks all south-east SA milk

Almost all of the milk produced in SA’s south-east will be needed for the initial processing capacity at the new Midfield/Louis Dreyfus plant at Penola.

Stage one will process 220m litres, supplied by 50 to 100 dairy farmers, according to plant officials. Stage two, due over the next 18months, would likely double that quantity. Director of dairy operations, Daniel Aarons said all product would have a destination from the first day of exporting. The company plans to export milk powder and fats. The company is planning exports to the US, the Middle East and Southern Asia. In the past, the company has indicated it would pay a premium. “The concept of a premium is on the table [and] we're very open to that,” Mr Aarons said. The company has indicated 40 new full-time jobs would be created over the next six months.