Update from Eric - QDO Survey

Eric Danzi - QDO Executive Officer

Eric Danzi - QDO Executive Officer

Thank you to the 88 dairy farmers who recently responded to the QDO survey, most of which were QDO members. We value your feedback and results are already being used to change how QDO operates and services its members. Below I have highlighted some of the key feedback QDO has received and how QDO is responding.

QDO Weekly Update

  • 87% of members read the Weekly Update which highlights how important the Weekly Update is for communicating directly with our members.
  • Members most value media articles, upcoming events and what updates on what QDO is doing.
  • Acting upon this feedback I have added a monthly update from me that will feature in the weekly update giving members a better insight into what QDO is doing.

Meetings & Forums

  • 48% of farmers liked small district forums stated that this was the best way for QDO to hold meetings with members.
  • 65% of members want QDO meetings held 6 monthly or yearly.
  • As a result, QDO will be introducing twice yearly member meetings in 9 convenient locations throughout Queensland starting later this year.
  • By removing geographic and time barriers QDO will get a clearer understanding of member’s views and enable QDO to represent those views more effectively.

Milk Price

  • 70% of farmers believed milk pricing is the main priority for QDO. Clearly getting an outcome for farmers on milk price has and must continue be a large focus of QDO’s representation of its members.
  • Other priorities include electricity incentives and costs, biosecurity, and QDO becoming a more effective and efficient organisation.
  • QDO is currently working with the government responding to the recent biosecurity regulation changes.
  • A comprehensive review of QDO is currently also underway. We will be communicating directly with members before the end of the year with a number of recommendations.

Northern Dairy Farmer (NDF) Magazine

  • 27% of people said Northern Dairy Farmer (NDF) magazine is very useful  while40% said it was of limited or no use
  • 65% read NDF for Subtropical Dairy R&D updates while only 37% read it for QDO updates which suggests that it is an R&D publication.