LPA accredited dairy farmers: Stand by what you sell


Changes have been made to strengthen the Livestock Production Assurance program and further safeguard Australia’s enviable status as a world leader in red meat safety, integrity and traceability. As dairy cattle are part of the food supply chain, dairy farmers are encouraged to maintain LPA accreditation.

From 1 October 2017:

  1. All LPA-accredited dairy producers will need to register their dairy license number with LPA and complete a short assessment and declaration to renew LPA accreditation* every three years.
  2. Free electronic LPA National Vendor Declarations (LPA eNVD) are available.

*Licensed dairy farmers will need to complete the LPA reaccreditation when it is due (or any time after 1 October 2017), but will not be required to complete the LPA learning modules or pay the LPA accreditation fee.

As a dairy farmer, what do you need to do?
As an LPA-accredited dairy farmer you will need to:
Complete the reaccreditation when your LPA accreditation is due (or any time after 1 October 2017), by:

  1. Logging in to the LPA Database (https://lpa.nlis.com.au)
  2. Select ‘Dairy’ as your enterprise type
  3. Input your Dairy License Number, and if required update relevant LPA contact details
  4. Complete the short LPA assessment
  5. Complete your LPA declaration (including confirmation that you will notify LPA of any changes to the License status of the Dairy)·
  6. Record whether any other species or enterprise types are being run on your property.

Dairy farmers are exempt from the LPA learning modules (including animal welfare and biosecurity) as dairy industry quality assurance programs and licensing arrangements address these requirements. Once your license number is recorded through the LPA reaccreditation process, you will also be exempt from LPA random audits.

If you run other livestock enterprises on your property (e.g. beef cattle, sheep or goats), you can continue to sell these livestock as LPA accredited, and will be notified separately about the LPA reaccreditation requirements for these enterprises at a later date.

Dairy farmers are encouraged to record your Dairy License Number with LPA and complete the LPA reaccreditation process any time after 1 October 2017. Once you have completed the LPA reaccreditation process you will be exempt from LPA random audits.

Alternatively, you’ll be contacted approximately two months before your reaccreditation is due and given instructions for working through the new process online. You will remain LPA accredited throughout this process and your LPA accreditation will only be at risk if you do not complete the reaccreditation process when it is due. No fee will apply.

Electronic NVDs (eNVDs)
The LPA eNVD is now available through the LPA Service Centre and licensed software providers. It is available to be printed but not everyone can receive it electronically yet. Check how to use the eNVD at www.mla.com.au/envd.

It is not compulsory for producers to change to the eNVD. You can continue using paper LPA NVDs (which will remain at $40 incl GST per book) or you can download or print the eNVD free of charge.

More information:
Website: www.mla.com.au/lpa Helpline: 1800 683 111 Email: lpa@mla.com.au