Political parties' response to QDO on Fair Milk Logo

QDO logo.png

Last week QDO wrote to the major political parties and released a public statement calling for ongoing support for the Fair Milk Logo scheme committed to by Labor before the election, but was not finalist. QDO President Brian Tessmann called for all fair dinkum candidates and parties to support the future of the dairy industry in Queensland by committing to funding QDO to develop and operate an industry Fair Milk Logo scheme.

Labor - A re-elected Palaszczuk Government will continue to work with the QDO to promote Queensland milk and fund the committed Fair Milk Logo scheme. Labor will continue to work with the Queensland dairy industry to help farmers diversify their product range, better develop their markets and improve their branding and marketing,” he said.

Liberal National Party - The LNP will honour the budget commitment of $550,000 made by the Labor State Government to support QDO with milk marketing and the development of the marketing logo if the LNP is elected to Government.

One Nation Part- No specific mention of funding the Fair Milk Logo, however they were unequivocally supportive of the Queensland dairy industry and committed to ensuring and supporting farmers in getting a ‘fair go’.

Katter Australia Party - No response yet. However the party has in principle been very supportive of the ‘Fair Milk Logo’ and the industry as a whole.

Greens - Have yet to respond to dairy specific concerns.