Zischke brothers take out Norco Supreme Milk Quality Award 3rd year in a row

Zischke brother Left to right: Dallas, Gelen, Adrian & Melvyn

Zischke brother Left to right: Dallas, Gelen, Adrian & Melvyn

QDO members the Zischke brothers Melvyn, Dallas, Adrian and Glen from Haden on the Darling Downs have taken out the overall Norco supplier ‘Supreme Milk Quality Award’ for the third consecutive year.

The Zischke brothers came out on top of the over 220 farmers that supply Norco with an annual average bulk milk cell count (BMCC) of 56 and a standard plate count (SPC) of 2. The result is impressive when set against the Norco BMCC standard of 200.

So what do the brothers do to get it so right? Melvyn Zischke insisted that there was no particular golden touch, rather the high quality milk was a result of consistent and careful herd management.

The Zischke family have been dairying on the Haden property since 1974 and operate across three properties with a mixture of cropping that provides a consistent and viable supply of feed for the 120 cow dairy herd.

So, will the Zischke brothers make it four in a row? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure though, it will be hard to beat the boys from the Darling Downs who know a thing or two about producing high quality milk.