QDO News 17 February 2017

Milk, yogurt and Asia boosts Lion

Lion’s national dairy and drinks division has seen growth of its flavoured milk brands and south-east Asian trade. The company’s full-year result showed overall operating EBIT of $694.3m with a lift in operating net profit of $11.7m to $280.1m. The figures reflected Lion’s departure from low margin commodity cheese and the loss of some private label milk contracts. However, there were strong performances from the higher margin milk-based beverages category, with Dare Iced Coffee drink reporting a 9.9% increase in volume. In the yogurt category, Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy reported 12% growth year on year, and Farmers Union Greek Yoghurt experienced 13% year on year growth.

Heat/humidity kills 50 cows

In NSW, up to 40 dairy cows in the Shoalhaven region died during the weekend due to the excessive heat and humidity. Five farms reported stock losses, with one farmer reporting to have lost 3% of his herd. It is reported that at least two farms each suffered 15 or more deaths. Locals reported temperatures of up to 45 degrees. Nowra hit a record high of 42.6 at 2.50pm. Humidity was up to 90%. RSPCA spokesperson Stefania Kubowicz said extreme heat, combined with high humidity meant the animals weren't able to cool themselves.