Queensland Country Life Dood Heroes Dairy Day: Wrap up & gallery

The recent Queensland Country Life (QCL) Food Heroes Dairy Day held at the Platell’s family dairy in Tabooba was a well-attended and a constructive opportunity for the local industry and to come together and discuss challenges and positives facing the dairying in Queensland.

QDO would like to thank the Platell family for opening up their property to so many visitors and being accommodating and gracious hosts. A special thanks goes to Jim Platell for providing a tour of their operation as well as answering the many questions about their operation.

The forum held after lunch opening up a robust discussion about the viability and adequacy of how the Queensland dairy industry has been able to sustain and look after its dairy farmers.

QDO Vice President Ross McInnes opened with a candid and honest take on the current status and challenges facing the industry. He presented some challenging numbers, in particular around his concerns with the increasing squeeze being placed on farmers due to the $1 litre milk price.

Lisa Harrison from Daughters of Dairy Farmers (DDF) presented on her experience of successfully and positively using social media to engage with the public on the plight facing the dairy sector. Dairy farmer John Cochrane also presented his take on the future of the Queensland dairy industry. Lion also presented on their Dairy Pride program.

There were many in the audience who raised legitimate concerns with what they perceived to be the shortcomings of the complex and fractured relationships between the farmers, the processors and the retailers.

QDO is committed to working with all members and all stakeholders to get a better a deal for our farmers. We acknowledge the challenges facing our industry, however we are determined to work with all who share our passion for dairying to ensure a viable future. It is our firm belief that our industry only has a future if farmers band together and work together on this this united and shared goal.