QDO State Coucillors Brendan Hayden & John Saville appear on 7 News Toowoomba


Dairy farmers fear a new code of practice to stop unfair treatment from processors is too little too late. The code is designed to help them fight for fair milk prices but it is not compulsory for companies to sign it. Brendan Hayden, dairy farmer, is losing faith in the Qld dairy industry.

He is currently battling Parmalat, who temporarily cut off contracts with all suppliers in January. He says suppliers are missing out on a contract incentive. He says the industry needs a big overhaul. He says until it is legislated, it is not worth the paper it is written on. John Saville, Qld Dairy Organisation, says it is still a positive step. The QDO says it will help farmers during disputes and make sure they get loyalty payments.