QDO welcome funding to develop own ‘Fair Milk Logo’

The Queensland dairy industry has been given the opportunity to develop its own voluntary ‘Fair Milk Logo’ with close to a million in funding allocated by the State Government.

The announcement made by Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne came after the initial ‘Fair Milk Logo’ Bill moved by the Katter Australia Party (KAP) failed to pass through parliament.

Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) President Brian Tessmann welcomed the $960,000 in funding that will be used for marketing strategies to help consumers make better-informed decisions when they buy milk.

“While QDO would have preferred the original Bill moved by the KAP to pass through parliament into legislation, this support from the government will go a long way in helping industry develop its own logo,” he said.

“The voluntary ‘Fair Milk Logo’ that will be developed by QDO will be used to help consumers play their part in helping Queensland farmers as they continue to struggle under the impacts of unsustainable $1 litre milk.”

“People have consistently asked what milk they should buy to support our local dairy farmers. While QDO encourages them to buy branded milk, the ‘Fair Milk Logo’ will be a clear indicator right on the bottle.”

“The ‘I Buy Branded Milk’ campaign run by QDO was a success and shows consumers are willing to support Queensland dairy farmers and this funding allows industry to deliver this public change.”

“The real challenge starts now for QDO to work constructively with our farmer members and the processors to make this ‘Fair Milk Logo’ a reality.

“QDO thanks the government for giving our industry the opportunity to make a difference.”