Wage changes for the dairy industry

The Fair Work Commission on 6 June 2017 handed down its Decision in the Annual Wage Review which made changes to wages in the dairy industry.  If any QDO member wants help with industrial relations matters please contact QDO by calling 3236 2955 and we will get you in contact with our specialist in this area from PEQ.

The changes will take effect from the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on orafter 1 July 2017.

See below a table detailing the new wage changes for the dairy industry.


Accommodation charge: An amount agrees to in writing between the Employer and Employee.

Keep deduction: $125.13 per week where provided with accommodation and ALL meals.

Leading hand allowance                         $ Per Week
In charge of: 2-6 employees                    21.63
7-10 employees                                        25.21
11-20 employees                                      35.93
21+ employees                                         45.14

Superannuation: 9.5%