QDO knock on doors in Canberra

L to R: Eric & Brian with Senator James McGrath and Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon.

This week QDO President Brian Tessmann, Executive Officer Eric Danzi and advisor Mike Smith travelled to Canberra for three days of meeting with members and senators from both sides of the chamber.

Some of the key meetings were with Joel Fitzgibbon and with Barnaby Joyce’s office. QDO found the deputy PM’s key advisor Simon Price very knowledgeable on the issue and keen to work through options.

QDO also received strong support from Queensland LNP Senator James McGrath and Members for Llew O’Brien (Wide Bay), Scott Buchholz (Wright). QDO also found shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh keen to find out more about the unfair competition issues plaguing Queensland dairy farmers.

High on the discussion list with all members were the effects test, unfair contract legislation, the senate economics committee’s recommendations and the current ACCC inquiry which is to report on November first.