QDO members save over $50,000 with Make-It-Cheaper


Make-It-Cheaper (MIC) has successfully managed to identify over $65,000 in energy savings for QDO members so far. Sixteen QDO members have already taken the service and changed their power supplies, saving themselves money on energy costs.

One farmer has saved $16, 500, which is the biggest saving made through the program to date. Most farmer participants have saved anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000 in energy costs for their farm businesses.

Ergon Energy users will have to wait for consultations as MIC are still in negotiations to extend its services.

Make-It-Cheaper is encouraging more farmers to take up its offer to identify how they can cut costs through their energy practices. 

Contact QDO on 3236 2955 for more information on how you can save.