Queensland irrigators encouraged to have their say on water prices.

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) will hold workshops across the state to encourage and assist Queensland irrigators to make submissions to the Queensland Competition Authority’s (QCA) investigation into the state’s irrigation schemes.

QFF President Stuart Armitage encouraged irrigators and interested parties to take the opportunity to have their positions heard and make a submission.

“The QCA’s examination of water prices in SunWater and SEQWater irrigation schemes across the state will determine new prices for irrigators for the 2020-24 period,” Mr Armitage said.

“QFF is undertaking independent assessments of each bulk and distribution scheme’s costs and the pricing implications for Queensland’s irrigators.”

“Workshops are planned in a number of locations across Queensland over the coming weeks to present the cost analysis of each scheme to help irrigators prepare their submissions to the QCA.” (details below)

“It is essential that the QCA listens to and considers the concerns of Queensland irrigators’ regarding significant water price increases and contributing to dam safety infrastructure and flood management and monitoring services.”

Submissions to the QCA as part of the irrigation price review close Friday 22 February 2019 and can be made here: www.qca.org.au/submissions.

Source: QFF