Numbers don't stack up for milk purchases in survey.

The findings in a recent survey by leading research group, Canstar, show that the majority of Australian’s want to support our dairy farmers by purchasing branded milk. A whopping 68% of Australians believe they are buying milk that supports the farmers, and yet the majority (60%) of all milk sold in Australia is private label $1/litre.

The research goes on to say that most of the respondents to the survey (90%) feel that the supermarkets should be doing more to help Australian dairy farmers, with 68% of shoppers saying they’d be happy to pay more for a supermarket private label if some of the money went to the farmers.

So why are our farmers still not receiving more for their milk?

In QDO’s own quantitative research, we found that people were confused about which brands support dairy farmers and which are detrimental to our industry. With the assistance of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, QDO is embarking on a new Fair Farmgate Price Logo scheme that will help shoppers readily identify the brands that are paying a fair price for milk.

QDO has already been talking with independent processors to gauge interest in the scheme with at least 90% being very enthusiastic about the opportunity that this on-pack logo and awareness campaign will bring to their brands. We will keep members posted as the project progresses.