Queensland Dairyfarmers Go Local campaign set to launch by June 30

Go Local.PNG

QDO Executive Director and newly appointed Marketing Manager Sarah Ferguson met with staff at the Queensland Government Office of Small Business late last week to discuss the roll-out of the Go Local campaign. Launched late last year, the campaign looks to create awareness of the benefits to consumers and businesses of supporting local enterprise. 

"The current campaign has been designed as an awareness campaign; but there is a need to do more to change people's behaviour when selecting from supermarket shelves.  We need to create an emotional connection to our industry and the people who are apart of it, to get consumers to stop and think about their purchase decisions." said Sarah

Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation is the first primary producer organisation to engage with the Office of Small Business to role out an industry specific campaign. 

"While the campaign will contain elements of the current Go Local awareness campaign, the creative execution will be unique to our industry" 

Sarah will assist members to promote the campaign in social media and other marketing channels to drive change. 

If members want to know more about how they can get advice, be involved or be supplied with marketing material as part of the campaign, please contact Sarah at Comms@qdo.org.au or the office on 3236 2955.