Second year of fertigation trial is underway.

The Dairying Better ‘n Better team is gearing up to complete another year of fertigation trial at the Harrisville. Soil testing pre planting of ryegrass has been completed with the ground currently being prepared to plant the ryegrass. The late hot conditions means planting may still not occur for the next week but the new protocols have been all set. 

Two quarters of the pivot will be used for the trial this year again, with 1 as a control (conventional broadcast Urea at 46 kg N/ha post grazing) and 1 as the experiment (EasyN liquid fertiliser with 2 applications post grazing to be applied with irrigation at a 25 kg N/ha and 20 kg N/ha in respective applications). Soil moisture data will be measured through the use of Tain Tierra loggers with tipping buckets to measure rainfall. Pre and post grazing pasture measures will also be taken. 

Fertigation System.jpg

If you missed out all the results from last year trial please visit the Dairying Better 'n Better page for all the information of last years trial results and fact sheets.

This trial is running through the Dairy & Fodder Water for Profit program which is a partnership between Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation, Department of Agricultural and Fisheries and Subtropical Dairy and funded through the Queensland Government’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines Rural Water Use Efficiency Irrigation Futures program.