Inspiration from Small Business mentors.

Considering the disappointing stance that the ACCC and other lead agencies took towards the $1 per litre issue earlier this week, it was timely that the QDO steering committee for the Go Local campaign attended a workshop with five key business mentors selected by the Office of Small Business on Thursday.

The mentors came from a variety of professions and specialities including Joe Barnewall – business strategist; Mike Avey, –  financial consultant; John Kochanski – marketing consultant; Pushpa Bakshi – financial controller; Jim Burkett –  business solutions advisor and Scott Dixon –  a capital project construction and audit consultant.

The workshop was designed to challenge current thinking about the role and vision of QDO. It  provided the committee with sound business and marketing advice which will help QDO to lead our industry as members continue to face imbalances through the supply chain.  These strategies will enable us to tackle the farm-gate price issue from alternative angles and will be a focus at this year's annual general meeting.

In addition to this mentoring session for the committee, the Office of Small Business will be holding another mentoring session for small processors who are looking for advice on marketing and production efficiencies. Anyone interested in attending this workshop should contact Sarah on 32362955 or