New advisory council to help develop agriculture into the future

Queensland farmers and their communities are one step closer to achieving a vision for the future of agriculture in the state following continued advocacy by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members.
The establishment of the Agricultural Ministerial Advisory Council (AgMAC) has been welcomed by QFF as a positive first step in addressing and genuinely working through issues the sector is facing.
QFF President Stuart Armitage said QFF and industry members were looking forward to working with government to progress and resolve agricultural issues and build a more strategic approach by government towards the sector.
“QFF has been advocating for AgMAC to be established for some time. We didn’t quite get it up and running last Parliament, so it is encouraging that the Queensland Government has committed to doing something about it early in its new term,” Mr Armitage said.
“Many of the issues impacting on agriculture are complex, with various competing government policy priorities and objectives. AgMAC provides a forum to address these cross-portfolio challenges and achieve a more synergistic government policy for agriculture.”
“There is also a real need for long term orientation and investment to drive a more competitive and sustainable system. AgMAC is an opportunity for the government to back the sector by progressing some critical competitiveness and productivity issues, and exciting growth opportunities.”
“A strong, profitable and sustainable agricultural sector is good for everyone. Besides providing the highest quality food and clothing for people at home and abroad, it helps government balance the books, provides much needed regional economic stability and meaningful employment, and enables better environmental outcomes to be delivered.”
“AgMAC has the opportunity to re-establish the agricultural sector as a strategic economic pillar – something that farmers are looking for and all Queenslanders benefit from.”

The first AgMAC meeting will be held next month.

Source: QFF