What you need to know about the Farm Household Allowance.

The ongoing effects of the drought continue to hurt our dairy farmers. While it is sometimes hard to ask for help, we encourage members to reach out for any and all assistance that can be provided, including the Farm Household Allowance.

You can apply online or through your local Rural Financial Counselling Service.  Local contacts for RFCS are: KINGAROY - Belinda Clair 0448 999 742; WARWICK - Micheal Fagg 0419 732 591; TOOWOOMBA 0447 764 483. If there is no RFC Service in your area, you can contact your local access point e.g. Post Office, Courthouse to apply.

Payments are income based and can be up to $445.80 / fortnight (single) and up to $492.80 each / fortnight (married). This benefit runs for up to 4 years. If married, they can run into 8 years if taken singly by a couple.

As well, an activity supplement of $3,000 per person can be received to be used for improving farm financial viability e.g. have an agronomist visit / succession planning training / obtaining a HV Drivers licence PLUS a further $1,000 per person in the 4th year may be paid out.

Once all documentation is received, approval for the allowance takes approximately 21 days.