Boycott Coles until they back the 10 cent/ litre Drought Levy on milk.

Last Monday, Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation launched an online petition asking for supermarkets to put a 10 cent/litre Drought Levy on all milk; today, QDO calls on the Australian public to boycott Coles stores until they agree.

QDO President Brian Tessmann said "We've had terrific support from all Australians through the petition and also in their comments to us and to our members on social media. Apparently the 75,000 Australians, likely a fair few Coles customers, who are backing this levy mean nothing to them."

"Many people said they intended to boycott Coles because they have not come on board. We think that's it's a great way to tell Coles exactly how unAustralian they are about not supporting our dairy industry."

In a farcical game of who goes first, Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud received assurances from supermarket giant Woolworths that they would support the levy so long as all supermarkets did.

So the fate of our Australian dairy industry now lies in the hands of Coles' Managing Director, JohnDurkham. Durkham will lose his $2.155 Million base salary when he finishes up his position as head of the supermarket giant in November. 

Parmalat and Norco have openly stated that they will pass the full levy back to its farmers which means that Coles cannot hide behind the ACCC report from earlier this year, instead, Coles is using its current Drought fund as its excuse not to back the levy.

"We are asking the supermarkets for 10 cents; the money doesn't even come from Coles, it comes from the back pocket of the Australian public who have shown they want to help. If Coles loses 10% of its sales over the course of the next couple of weeks as people use boycott the stores, I'm sure they'll get the message," said Brian.

For more information or media enquiries please contact Sarah Ferguson on 0424 416 317 .