Could you be one of Manning Valley Fresh's new A2 milk suppliers?

Steve Elvidge, CEO of Manning Valley Fresh is looking to develop A2 Protein-Only milk products for both the domestic and export markets and is on the look out for farmers who may qualify or be interested in building up an A2 herd.

Supply Partners
Manning Valley Fresh are looking for supply partners who have either:
i) A 100% A2/A2 genetically tested herd who are selling the milk as A1-free/A2-only milk.
ii) Have sold A1-free/A2-only milk recently and are likely to still have a 100% A2/A2 genetic profile in their herd.
iii) Have been employing selective breeding to increase the % of A2/A2 genotype cows and are likely to have 95%+ A2/A2 Cows.

A2 Content
Manning Valley Fresh has the ability to test milk samples taken from both on-farm storage and at the individual cow level. Farmers who are interested in participating would need to be willing to provide 3 days worth of milk samples taken from their on-farm storage right before it is collected. Manning Valley Fresh will get this tested at their expense and report on the results. 

If further testing is required at the herd level, this can be further discussed but, as a guide, can be done at roughly $20/cow.

Milk Quality
Recent data on the milk quality for each farm will need to be shared with respect to-
Fat content %
Protein %

This will be key inputs in the pricing MV Fresh will be able to offer.

Additional Information

They would also need farmers to supply information regarding:

A) Region farm is located
B) Has the farm ever sold A2-only/A1-free milk
C) Size of milking herd
D) Estimated % of herd which is A2/A2
E) Current annual production in Litres
F) Monthly seasonallity of production
G) Price expectation (cents/Litre) if they were to begin supplying A2/A2
H) Data on milk quality (Fat Content % and Protein %)

Initial Engagement Approach 
Given the sensitivity around farmers existing supply contracts and commitments, we are open to beginning communication with farmers who fit the above criteria. Please email or phone him on 0477 881 993.