Thank you to the Australian media for supporting our campaign.

Ben Fordham.PNG

We want to thank the media outlets who have continued to run the story and continue to support this week’s messaging: If Coles won’t support the levy, we’re asking the public not to support Coles.

The value of the media’s support cannot be understated. They have helped make something that could have been a flash-in-the-pan story into something that continues to gain momentum two weeks in.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that he would support the levy, if Coles were on board. That our newly appointed leader would say such a thing, truly demonstrates just how much power we have allowed the supermarkets to acquire.

3GB host Ben Fordham went out on a limb yesterday when he interviewed QDO member Jo Bradley. For 8 ½ minutes, Ben and Jo berated supermarket giant Coles regarding their lack of commitment and according to the 3GB producers, the phone lines were jammed with callers intending to boycott Coles.

The media will have no doubt receiving pressure if not outright threats since Coles is one of the biggest advertisers in Australia; so we are truly appreciative of their ongoing support.

To listen to the interview with 3GB please listen here.