Queensland dairy farmers really are the Cream of Australia.

It has been tough for our farmers to watch from the sidelines as Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation has taken on supermarket bullies Coles and Woolworths.

There have been several naysayers that don’t believe that the Queensland dairy industry has the courage to continue its fight to get the 10 cent/litre Drought Levy until it is introduced across all fresh milk.

Today, our farmers are celebrating the launch of the new cheeky campaign - Queensland dairy farmers. The Cream of Australia.

With the support of the Queensland Government’s Office of Small business, the campaign asks all Queenslanders to support their local dairy brands.

“We’ve spoken to so many people who want to buy the brands that are made here in Queensland using Queensland fresh milk. This campaign, as part of the Go Local initiative helps get that message out there” said QDO President Brian Tessmann.

“There are over 20 brands made here supporting our dairy farmers who, along with our mates across Australia are being crippled by this ongoing drought. Because Coles and Woolies have done the wrong thing and done a half measure to try to make us go away on the drought levy, we need to really show them that people care” said dairy farmer Brenden Hayden.

“When we were first told that the campaign was happening, we really liked the line. Now that QDO is leading the fight against the supermarkets, us being The Cream of Australia takes on a whole new meaning.

We’re such a small part of the Australian dairy industry and getting smaller every week but we’re putting up a good fight. Coles has taken away my livelihood and our chance of a life. Someone has to stand up to them” said Brenden.

The Cream of Australia campaign is being supported by media outlets who will run the campaign as Community Service Announcements. “We’re a not-for-profit organisation so we don’t have hundreds of thousands to throw at a media campaign. We’re so grateful for the media’s ongoing support for the Drought Levy and this campaign” said Brian Tessmann.

Queensland brands include Pauls, Trim, Smarter White Milk, Skinny, Dairyfarmerrs, Norco, Maleny Dairy, Maleny Cheese, Gallo Cheese, Woombye Cheese, Kenilworth Dairy, Cooloola, 4 Real Milk, Mungalli Creek, Central Queensland Dairy Fresh, PhysiCAL, Whitsunday Dairy Fresh, Farmers’ Own, Olympus Cheese and Casa Motta.