Disappointing response to first round of Mandatory Code of Conduct consultations.

Beyond what was in the final report into a Mandatory Code of Conduct and the first round of consultations, the ACCC still refuses to acknowledge what farmers, processors and even a NSW state parliamentary inquiry all agree on; that the supermarkets have a very clear role and responsibility into the price paid back to dairy farmers.

The issue of predatory pricing is not confined to dairy or even just agriculture. Rumours and reports of this behaviour applies across all FMCG products. Though goods with a short shelf life tend to be more susceptible to market pressures since they cannot be stockpiled.

While the Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation usually only advocates on its members’ behalf, it is clear that a holistic national approach to reform is necessary.

Queensland’s dairy industry has lost several farms due to conditions caused by drought and low farmgate prices. With many areas like the Darling Downs still only receiving intermittent rainfall more farmers are likely to close before clement weather. Reduced to under 350 farms across all 5 dairy regions, and with the smallest capital population on the eastern seaboard, we need the collective support of Victoria and New South Wales to truly have an impact

Matthew Trace – Vice President