Treating Dairy Farm waste water - research study.

The research team at the University of Queensland has developed an innovative process for low cost treatment of waste-water in agribusiness and dairy farm using environmental friendly reagents. By treating and reusing the water, the farmers can reduce the water levy and energy expense of pumping ground water and consequently reducing the cost and protecting key natural resource. The treatment train consist of traditional floatation process followed by a compact hydroxon process that can help to remove nutrients, organics and pathogens from the water and making it ready for reuse in the farm.

The research team is seeking the participation of a medium to large dairy farm business with a daily water consumption of >20-25KL or herd size of >400-500, to provide a host site for technology testing. The test will be carried out for a period of 1 year inorder to examine the efficiency of the treatment process in all seasons. The test activity will be fully funded by the inventors of the technology together with a grant from the government. The dairy farm business will incur “zero” expense during the test period and the testing activities will not cause any kind of hindrances in daily activity of the farm business. The treated water will be freely available to the farming business for reuse.

If you are interesting in participating in the testing activities and for more details, please contact Dr Pradeep Shukla: Mob: 0421470523