QDO welcomes new members and new species.

With the average price of JD tests ranging between $400-700 by qualified vets, it makes sense for those dairy farmers who are not currently members of QDO to sign up now.

Over the past 12 months, QDO has transformed its core agenda from simply traditional advocacy to action. We have gone from being a relatively small voice in to be a leader within the Industry.

Politicians, Government departments and the media turn to QDO first to find out the facts and strategies being undertaken to help the dairy industry get back on its feet.

We have been working hard to gain media and consumer support to put pressure on processors and supermarkets; to provide members with sustainable farm gate returns and QDO will be introducing a number of consumer focused initiatives in 2019 that will drive the farmgate price towards a fair, equitable and sustainable figure that aligns with CPI changes.

The ‘End $1L milk” campaign nationally was perhaps our most notable success, but we have several other projects on the go that will ultimately lead to greater sustainability and profitability for our members.

Last year, QDO reached out to buffalo, goat, sheep and even camel dairy farmers inviting them to attend a Queensland Government procurement workshop along with cattle based dairy processors. While there are only a small number of non-cattle dairy farmers in Queensland, they share several issues regarding feed and water costs, biosecurity and animal welfare. These farmers were not represented by any advocacy group, so it made sense to offer them membership to QDO.

While sadly, we have seen several members leave the industry over the last year, we have also had a number of new farmers join QDO including The Australian Dairy Buffalo Company in Far North Queensland.

It is hoped that over the next year, more non-cattle dairy farmers will take advantage of QDO membership.