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Dairy Farmer - Herd Manager

We are a sub-tropical dairy farm producing milk from a growing herd of cows.  We use science and experience to balance farm inputs and maximise production while using good farming practices and innovation.

We are a team of skilled and enthusiastic farmers who enjoy growing fodder, producing quality volume and component outcomes and using resources to maximise efficiency. We grow pastures and silage year-round and use pivot and hard hose systems. 

Job Tasks and responsibilities

  • Monitor and maintain reproductive performance records.

  • Select cows for AI, complete mating and record keeping associated.

  • Milk harvesting at either morning and afternoons or split shift as rostered.

  • Supervise and lead less experienced team members. 

  • Patience and care of animals.

  • Follow protocols to administer drenches, vaccines, and other treatments of calves and cows.

  • Plan and implement tractor work, fencing and weed control.

This job currently answers to the Assistant Farm Manager and has the potential to develop into a leadership role. Other leadership or partnership options may exist for the future for the right person, as owners prepare for generational change in the future. 

Working hours include some morning starts at 4am and/or weekend shifts, with 2 days off on a weekly basis.

Benefits and perks

Sub-tropical dairy farming can be very comfortable in winter with daily temperatures around 25 degrees and hot in the summer. Close to Noosa and Sunshine Coast shopping and airports. Come to a growing agriculture region and to a farm with excellent water and infrastructure that enhances farming.  

Sponsorship can be considered for a suitable candidate upon selection.

Skills and experience

 To be successful for this role you must:

  • Have qualifications in dairy farming (or related industry or working towards);

  • Have experience in herd management, milking, care and treatment of calves & cows;

  • Artificial Insemination (AI) with recent practice

  • Tractor and or fencing experience;

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to WH&S requirements;

  • High Risk Work Licence (forklift operation) preferred, but not essential; and

  • Medium Rigid Truck licence preferred, but not essential;

Others describe you as a fit and motivated person, well planned and thrives on interacting with others to achieve business outcomes.  Comfortable operating autonomously and willing to learn.  Experience in participating in farm safety programs and an interest in own continued personal training and skill development.


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