City MP spends a day on the dairy

By QDO State Councillor, Brendan Hayden

It is not every day that a politician offers to come out and lend a hand on a dairy farm. It is even rarer when that politician is a Labor MP from Brisbane without a single dairy farm in his inner city electorate.

Recently, member for Greenslopes Joe Kelly and his family visited our dairy farm in Pilton on the Darling Downs. He traded in the suit and tie of the chamber for the apron and gloves of the dairy pit. It was refreshing to spend a day with a politician in a very real and honest setting, contrary to the usual censored and non-committal state we have become accustom to.

While I do not intend to go into all the details about what was discussed, it would be fair to say that before his day on the farm, Joe had a limited understanding and appreciation of the real challenges faced by Queensland dairy farmers. After spending a day together, Joe had a much better understanding of how detrimental $1 milk has been to the Queensland dairy industry and why it is so important to fix the problem with programs like the Fair Milk Logo.

Overall having Joe out on the farm was a very positive experience for both of us as we learned and got a better appreciation of what one another does day-to-day. If more politicians spent a day or two out on farm I genuinely believe, at a very minimum, we would all get a better understanding of how and why dairying has been and will continue to be essential for Queensland.

Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) now extends the same offer we made to Joe to all other state and federal MPs in Queensland. Come spend a day with one of our members and we can promise you that you will walk away with a new appreciation for that milk on your cereal or in your coffee.

QDO is ready to help members tell our industry’s story and encourage them to personally invite their local MPs to come out to the farms and experience the life of a dairy farmer.