Dairy AGM’s and board appointments

By QDO President Brian Tessmann

In the Dairy Industry, late November is always a busy time of Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and an election or two, especially this year with Queensland’s State election raging. Last week saw both Dairy Australia (DA) and Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) hold their AGM’s in Melbourne with both electing two new directors. Of particular note was the retirement of DA Chair Geoff Akers from the Board. Geoff was appointed to the Board in 2005 and became the third-ever chair in 2013. QDO thanks Geoff for his work for Dairy Australia.

The ADF AGM saw the retirement of Tyran Jones and independent director DeDee Woodside from the ADF board, whom were  replaced by John Versteden and Victoria Taylor respectively. In his address, ADF President Terry Richardson welcomed new CEO David Inall to the organisation and thanked interim CEO John McQueen for his assistance through a difficult time. The theme of the industry breakfast at Flemington last Friday was innovating and adapting to change, particularly in relation to industry organisations and structures. Attendees were urged to look at the effectiveness of their respective industry organisations whether they were service, advocacy or commercial providers. They were also asked to consider what might be the right structure for these objectives, opportunities and challenges. It was an important reminder that no structure or organisation is sacred. They must either deliver for dairy farmers or evolve into something that will.

On the other big election, QDO congratulate Premier Annastacia Palaszazuk on what looks like a Queensland Labor parliamentary majority. QDO look forward to working with the re-elected Labor government over the next term to improve the lot for the state’s dairy farmers. In particular, QDO look forward to continuing its constructive work with the Labor Government to deliver the industry led ‘Fair Mark Milk Logo’ for consumers.