QDO in Canberra

By Brian Tessmann, QDO President

This week Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation (QDO) is in Canberra to sure up support for the vital changes and improvements the northern dairy industry needs to operate sustainably in a free and fair market.

Unlike the many previous visits QDO has made to Canberra on domestic market issues this time QDO is being assisted by the team at Ethical consulting. These guys have been of assistance in first opening the doors to the necessary modifications so Eric and I can explain why they are needed and how they should be implemented.

Our priorities for this trip include articulating our position around key issues such as the ‘effects test’, the ACCC Dairy Inquiry and the ongoing Senate Inquiry.

We will be visiting members and senators from right across the political spectrum but as Labor is currently still the major obstacle to the implementation of the effects test. Convincing the Labor party members of the merits of the ‘effects test’ will be the focus of our efforts. Without the Labor party support there is no guarantee that the laws will pass parliament. This will be a major step backwards in our efforts to address the many issues affecting the viability of the dairy industry in Queensland. 

QDO has not forgotten the support it has received from Queensland LNP senators Matt Canavan and Barry O’Sullivan. Both have been great supporters of our industry and reintroducing the ‘effects test’. On behalf of our members we thank them for their work to date on the issues affecting our industry.

The fact is that we need a free and fair market for our members to operate in. This will create an environment that will be mutually beneficial for suppliers, processors and the major retailers. QDO is working hard to represent its members and the industry as a whole as we seek to get the support we need to make the real and lasting changes for the industry.